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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Arsen by Mia Asher

I recently read Arsen by Mia Asher. I was well written and I enjoyed it very my.  I laughed and cried through this whole book.  I was especially sad because Catherine and Ben had three miscarriages and she has been stressed because of it..

She had to meet a client, the owner of the hotel that she work at the airport, well she thought that the owners family was the owner himself, wife and child. As she is meeting them at the airport, she discover that the child was a 24 year old man, named Arsen.

This handsome young man has turned her life upside down and she doesn't know what to do..He starts working with her at the hotel, as she is showing him the ropes. She finds out that she is pregnant again. Arsen has fallen in love with her and doesn't know what to do. He says to her that he can be friends with her , but he has other ideals. She asked Ben to meet her and Arsen at the bar while waiting some girls are talking about him and she interrupts them stating that he was with her, so she goes and kisses him, shortly after Ben shows up and there is tension between them, that is when everything falls apart for Arsen.

End the end she losses another baby and her husband because all can do is think of Arsen. Catherine has an affair with him. When Ben kicks her out she goes to him and then finds out that she is pregnant again this time she doesn't know who's it is and then Arsen kicks her out said that he was only having fun.

Well in the end Ben takes her back after 4 years, after he has seen her child Nadia. Arsen is back in town and ends up seeing Ben, Catherine, and Nadia at the same coffee shop.Once he see Nadia he know that is is his, but it was to late because Ben and Catherine are going to become parents again..

What will Arsen do........I hope that there is more to come......

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