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Book Title: Greetings From Sugartown (Sugartown #2.5)Author: Carmen JennerPublisher: IndependentGenre: Contemporary New AdultRelease Date: August 2014Cover Designer: Cover It! DesignsSynopsisLife in Sugartown hasn’t always been easy, not for an ex-con like Elijah, and certainly not for Ana, who grew up desperate for a way out.Meeting Elijah changed all that; Elijah changed a lot of things.You’d think that after three years together and the worst behind them that life would be a walk in the park, but Sugartown’s sexiest couple may be about to face their biggest obstacles yet. Between failed marriage proposals, a trampy ex-lover and a tempting new biker, Sugartown is suddenly not so sweet.They’re head-over-heels in love. It should be simple—but it rarely is.Will they make it down the aisle to the happy ever after they deserve? Or are some relationships just destined to fail?Author BioCarmen Jenner is a thirty-something, USA TODAY Best Selling Author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent.She'…
Title: Life After TaylahAuthor: Bella JewelRelease Date: May 26, 2014BlurbMy mother's name is Taylah, and once, a very long time ago, she was my best friend - she was everything I wanted to be.

Until the night she disappeared.

Ten years on and my life, my families lives and the world around us has never been the same again.
How can it be when you are left not knowing?

No leads. No connections. Nothing. Just pure emptiness.

My dancing is the only way I can separate myself from the pain that lies in my home, in my father's eyes and in my brother's spirit. They need me and I'll fight with everything I am to be there for them, but who will be there for me?

Then I meet Nate.

Champion Motocross racer and everything my father doesn't want for me. He's forbidden, he's beautiful, and he's carrying a bundle of his own secrets.

When I step into his world, there is no turning back.

He will consume me.

He will teach me how to breathe again.

He will put a tiny piece of…
Title: One True Thing Author: Lynne Jaymes Release Date: May 29, 2014
Blurb Can one true thing save a love built on lies? “That was all before…” Jenna waves her hand in the air, but we both know what she means. Before I touched her in the most intimate places. Before I felt her shudder under my tongue. Before she tasted the salt on my skin. Before I promised a lot more than I could deliver.Ty Branch has wanted one thing his entire life—to play professional baseball. When he gets a chance to move from San Francisco to play at Texas powerhouse Garvin State University, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true, even if that means hiding his past. But when he meets dance major Jenna Taylor, the chemistry is so strong his single-minded quest begins to weaken. As he gets to know her quirky, small-town family, he falls more deeplyin love, but becomes even more sure he can never tell her the truth about his family. When a surprise visitor blows his past wide-open, Ty is …
Title: Keep Me (Twist Me, #2)Author: Anna ZairesGenre: Dark Erotic NovelRelease Date: September 30, 2014Cover Design by Eden Crane DesignsBlurbAbducted at eighteen. Held captive for 15 months.It reads like one of those headlines. And yes, I did it. I stole her. Nora, with her long dark hair and silky skin. She’s my weakness, my obsession.I’m not a good man. I never pretended to be one. She can love me, but she can’t change me.I can, however, change her.My name is Julian Esguerra, and Nora is mine to keep.***Keep Me is the sequel to Twist Me, told from Nora & Julian’s POV.***ExcerptJulian's POV“Are you all right?” There is a concerned expression on Nora’s face as she reaches up to touch the area above my left ear. Her slender fingers are gentle on my scalp. “Does it still hurt?”Her touch sends pleasure streaking down my spine. I want this from her. I want her to care about my well-being. I want her to love me even though I stole her freedom—even though, by all rights, she shoul…
Title: Holding Aces (The Kingdom #1) Author: Nikki Groom Release Date: May 29th 2014 Genre: Adult contemporary romance
Blurb They say that time heals all wounds.But mine are set in so deeply, they’ve taken on a life of their own, lurking in the shadows at every turn and haunting my thoughts.The girl I once was has been replaced by a stranger.I don’t even know who I am anymore.I run.And I hide.Pretending to be someone I’m not…Until I meet Denham King.My burst of color in an otherwise grey world.And for the first time in my life, I find myself running towards someone instead of running away.But fate can be cruel,and I can’t escape my past.Can I?**Holding Aces is part one of a two part Adult Contemporary Romance series that contains mature sexual content and language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**
Excerpt The ding sounds on the elevator, bringing me back to reality from my daydream and when the doors open, I instinctively step forward, my feet thinking before my brain, a…
Title: Blurred Lines Author: Jennifer K. Brand Release Date: May 28, 2014 A stand alone novel
Blurb The moment I met Davide Valenti, I wanted him.

He was alluring in the kind of way that makes good girls like me want to break all the rules.

So I did. I broke my rules for him, and in turn, he gave me what I craved.

Hearts and Flowers.

Yet I wanted more. I wanted to know him, claim him the same way he had claimed me. But you can't claim that which doesn't exist. A mirage. A man who showed me one face while showing the world another. A complicated man. A dangerous man.

Now I'm caught up in his world. Trapped under all that is dark and dangerous. From hearts and flowers to guns and knives.

I want out. But I fear it's too late.
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About the Author Jennifer K. Brand writes erotic romances with witty curves and dangerous edges. She loves travelling and therefore her stories are set in exotic locales or have exotic male leads. Her stories are those with an element of intrigue or s…
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Title: Spike (Spark, #2) Author: Jennifer Ryder Release Date: May 28, 2014 Series: Spark
Synopsis I, Aidan Stone, got the girl.

My beautiful Eevie is sweet and sassy, and she owns my heart like no other. I promised her, I’d always protect her, and I meant it, but shit just got serious.

Blackmail. Extortion. And Eevie is the target.

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt us. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to distance yourself from it, it comes back and bites you on the arse. And in walks Mr Hotshot Detective, Ryan Clark, thinkin’ he can save the day and take my girl.

Well, I’ve got news for him
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Spark (Spark, #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | Goodreads
Excerpt Today, I feel like a king with a convincing win under my belt, and the beauty on my arm is the envy of most of the guys here. Life can’t get any better. I introduce Eevie around. She shakes hands like she means it, holds her own in conversation, and gets the occasional laugh out of guys I didn’t think h…
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Title: Rules of Harte (Harte, #1) Author: Brooke Harris Release Date: May 27, 2014
Synopsis Eva doesn’t want him, but she needs him. Julian doesn’t need anyone, but he wants her.Evangeline Andrews is sassy and feisty, or at least she was – before; before she left New Jersey. She’s a different person in Dublin, and she’s trying hard to be normal here. But the office bitch, her nymphomaniac best friend, and the nice-guy-she’s-just-not-sure-about all threaten to complicate things. The social event of the year is looming. Everyone who’s anyone in the office will be at the masquerade ball. And Eva is invited, well instructed, to attend by her mysterious boss – or else! But she can’t go alone.Julian Harte is a rich, powerful, Irish alpha with a fascination for games. He’s used to getting what he wants, at all costs. When Julian offers his services as an escort, Eva is about to learn the game is complicated and he doesn’t do loosing. Will Eva’s thick skin be enough to protect her when all the ma…
Title: Polliannah Got Married! (Sémya Slotin Mystery, #3)Author: Danielle - Claude Ngontang MbaRelease Date: June 16, 2014Series: Sémya Slotin Mystery seriesGenre: Romantic suspense/ international thrillerSynopsisThe truth this time, and nothing but the truth…
Polliannah Koch Guryev is in trouble and her boyfriend is dead.
It's not the first time amateur sleuth Sémya Slotin finds herself on the first plane to rescue her best friend, but nothing's prepared her for what she finds in Toronto. Polliannah is a widow and her late husband John Allen was a hit man for the powerful Dovos family. What did they want from her? Why is this happening? One thing they do know: their carefree life back in London is officially over.
Sémya’s long-time boyfriend Josh Heinz knows more than he lets on, but as usual he’s not telling her anything. In fact, everyone knows more, but nobody’s talking. But that never stops Sémya Slotin, Detective Extraordinaire, from finding out the truth beneath the lies…