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Theresa Troutman Loves Great Adventure 99c Sales Blitz May 18th,19th,20th

Book 1: Life's What You Make It  Book 2: Love This Life  Book 3: London Loves  Genre: Romance 

Elaine's Review:
This has been the best coming of age book that I have read in a long time....Theresa is such an awesome writer that I have recommended her books to all my friends...Her writing flows so perfectly that is so believable. Sebastian and Tess what a love story. Coming from money doesn't mean that you have the world by the balls as he found out when had to move to America, then came Tess and turned his world upside down....This was the best read ever....I can't wait to read the next book....

Elaine's Review:
Theresa, I fell more in love with Tess and Sebastian and the ups and and downs of everyday life. College and married life isn't always that easy and the unexpected happen and turns your world upside down. But Sebastian love for Tess is an endless love that not all people have and will get them through. I can't wa…
18+ for mature content. This is a serial, releasing in ebook format only. Lucy's story will be released as three serials approx. 15k words each, releasing a month apart. A paperback/box set will release after part three. Honor: An experiment of marital proportions. Will Lucy say 'I do'? After Lucy discovers that her groom is Heathcliff, her mortal enemy, her world is rocked. Will she look past the flaws of their relationship to find the love residing there? Heath is desperate to make Lucy his. His love for her runs deep and longer than any of us knew. Can he prove to her that he's worthy of her love, or will more secrets devastate them both once they're revealed? Find out what happens when the one person you thought hated you, turns out to be your match. Or is she? Trust ~ April 22, 2015 Honor ~ May 20, 2015 Love ~ June 24, 2015 Trust, Honor, Love ~ July 22, 2015 (pb) Trust:AMAZON: UK:*Versi…


☆*¨*✶*¨✫No Mercy~A Darker Continuation ✫*¨*✶*¨`☆
☆*¨*✶*¨✫Releasing May 26th✫*¨*✶*¨`*☆

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Snippet #8 
“I trusted you son,” Abraham muttered.
“Look for a weapon, anything!” Sade wrestled the phone out of his pocket.
“I don’t understand…” Abraham looked up and searched the sky. “I thought you said I was getting a disciple? Have I not earned that?”
Sade’s heart stopped when he looked at the phone. Near zero battery.
Fists hit Sade’s window shaking the truck making Mercy shriek. “I’m not happy about this son,” he growled, heaving. “I’m very upset! Really upset!”
“Call the police, call the police,” Mercy screamed.
Sade looked at the text blaring on the screen. LEAVE!!! ABRAHAM IS COMING! HE’S CLINICALLY INSANE! Sade’s fingers trembled over the key pad, hitting 911.
“Where’s he going?” Mercy gasped. “He’s leaving, he’s going to his car. What’s he doing? Oh my God.”
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“We’re stranded at--”
“623 Fallen Ln Prairie City!” Mercy screamed. “Oh God …
The nightmare continues for Ken and Stephanie as the lunatic haunting them remains free. They take a stand and hold onto each other, sticking together for better or worse.Worse.They thought they'd know what 'worse' was. But 'worse' wears many faces it seems.Their love and passion will meet its great challenge of all, turning Stephanie's greatest fear into reality.Welcome to the final book of the Stoking the Embers Trilogy. Discover how this emotional roller coaster ends.AMAZON US I AMAZON UK I NOOK**** STOKING THE EMBERS SERIES ******* FREE ***AMAZON US I AMAZON UK I NOOKAMAZON US I AMAZON UK I NOOKLeslie is a California native but recently moved to Arizona after a stint in Arkansas. She enjoys travel and being with friends.She is an avid reader of many genres, but prefers romances with travel or thriller themes. She loves writing about strong women and strong men because the world needs both!WEBSITE I FACEBOOK I TWITTER
When I discovered that Nami was born into royalty, I knew that she was right. Our worlds didn't belong together. We needed to move on. The problem was, I didn't know if I could. Reed Stirling is trying hard to forget ever meeting the exotic princess who crossed his path in Europe, but as much as he's trying, he can't. As he heads back to Philadelphia, he knows he has a choice to make, a choice that is going to change the direction of his life forever. All Nami Carr wanted was to experience a couple days like a normal person. She'd told herself that she could let Reed go and focus on her duty for her country. Now, she isn't so sure. Don't miss the exciting second book of M.S. Parker's newest smoking series, Exotic Desires.** KINDLE UNLIMITED **AMAZON US I AMAZON UK*** EXOTIC DESIRES SERIES ***AMAZON US I AMAZON UKM.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection. Living in Souther…