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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Good Morning
Snippet #3 

No Mercy~A Darker Continuation releasing May 26th 

“This is merely the pen or corral to keep the sheep from attempting to escape the inevitable. Why would I kill you?” he cried as though the idea baffled him. “What good is killing the defiled? Won’t their stains be forever uncleansed? What kind of a father would ever do such a merciless thing? How can one be cleansed and purged of sins when dead?” The final word growled with disgust and the contradiction said the argument had been made before, no doubt with somebody in that fucked up steeple behind the mask.

Sade shrugged slowly. “I agree, it doesn’t make sense.”

He nodded for a while. “I like you,” he finally said, sounding genuinely pleased. “I do think there is much potential in you. I am very eager to see what a thorough cleansing will produce.” The gun tapped rapidly on his leg in his excitement. “You know… maybe you’re the disciple I’m obtaining in this mission.” He shot out a breath like he might be smiling behind the mask. “In the vision, I was told that. I have visions and dreams. Do you have those?”

“Sometimes.” Middle ground seemed like the thing to go with as he felt his way through the halls of this demented mind. A proper show of deference occurred to Sade and he slowly lowered to his knees, crossing his arms over his chest with a bow of his head. “I am willing to be whatever you want. Father Abraham.”

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