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The Broadway Series by Allie York

Titles: All & Nothing  Forever & Again  Secrets & Admirers  Author: Allie York 
Series: The Broadway Series Genre: Contemporary Romance 

(All & Nothing) book one Jovie Reed isn’t looking for a guy. Between running her business and attempting to pen a best-selling novel, she doesn’t have the time or energy for the romance she writes about.

Fall To Pieces by Candice Scrooby

Title: Fall To Pieces Author: Candice Scrooby
Cover designed by Concierge Literary Designs & Photography Cover Image by CJC Photography Model: Lance Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: TBA

Olivia I try not to think about that night. The night I don’t quite remember. The night I spent in the arms of the only boy I ever loved.

Abducted by Alexis Abbott

Cover RevealTitle: AbductedAuthor: Alexis AbbottAdd to GoodreadsRelease Date: January 26, 2018A beautiful woman is locked in my bunker. She stirs in me something I thought I'd long ago snuffed out: desire. I murdered her abductor, but I'm no hero. I'm the monster they call the Angel of Death, yet she makes me feel like a man again. My hidden little secret in the cellar is a prize I won't be throwing away. Her luscious lips and sweet curves promise that hiding from the mafia just got a lot more exciting. I'm not going anywhere. And neither is she. This novel is a full length romantic suspense novel with no cliffhangers. Explicit language. Safe from cheating.'m Alexis Abbott, and I love bad boys, gritty backdrops, and super steamy sex! Sign up for my mailing list to be notified of new releases, sales, giveaways, an…

Wild Talk by Dani Antoinette

Title: Wild Talk  Author: Dani Antoinette  Genre: Contemporary Romance  Cover Design: Dani Antoinette 

Madeline When life hands you lemons, you cut them open and squirt them in life’s eyes, right? Graduating from college and moving to Chicago was part of the plan. Becoming a phone sex operator was not. But you know what? I’m loving every minute of it. Until I run into Mason King—literally—and he turns my world upside down.
Mason Every coin has two sides. Right and wrong, truth and lies. It’s my job to figure out which side she’s on. She’s sweet yet sassy, angelic yet a liar. Is she as innocent as she makes herself out to be? Or a clever thief?

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