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Pretty Little Mess by Carmel Rhodes

Title: Pretty Little Mess  Author: Carmel Rhodes  Genre: Romantic Comedy 

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I’m having an out of body experience. At least...I think. Isn’t that what it’s called when your spirit abandons you to watch—from a safe distance, with the appropriate amount of judgement—while you make questionable decisions?

Yup, one of those.

I want to shout, “STOP ELLIE, DON’T DO IT!” But spirit me doesn’t have a voice. So I watch as she...I...we? Makes a sex contract with boss.

This is a good time to mention the 45-minute HR meeting we sat through last month expressly forbidding this sort of thing.

In our defense, Max is ridiculously hot, and I...we may have accidentally quit.

With a sigh, I look down at the bodies pressed against the wall of the executive office.

Yup, we’re totally screwed.

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All The Wasted Time Cover Reveal by Michelle Heard

Title: All The Wasted Time  Author: Michelle Heard  Genre: Suspense Romance  Series: The Southern Heroes #4 
Model: Thom Panto Photographer: Wander Aguiar  Cover Artist:PopKitty - Sybil Wilson

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Hiding in Ocean’s Isle after being suspended from the force for two months, my hot, feisty, neighbor is the last person I should be interested in. But the next thing I know, we keep running into each other, which lead to some pretty intense sexually-loaded moments. I’m not supposed to fall for her, especially knowing I’ll be going home in a week to face the mess I left behind. It’s just supposed to be a mind-blowing one-night stand. Then I walk into the precinct, and I meet the new psychologist. I sure as hell didn’t see it coming, and now I have to bare my soul to the woman who should’ve remained a fantasy. Keeping her at a distance is next to impossible, but knowing her life might be in danger if I give into the growing attraction between us, I have no choice but to keep pretending to be…

Queen by Kerri Ann

Title: Queen Series: Restless Souls MC #1 Author: Kerri Ann Genre: MC Romance Release Date: February 7, 2019 The Queen, is a woman not to be toyed with. She takes what was owed, keeping it until the debt is paid. I was a debt to be paid. I'd understood my lot in life early, knowing my life was forfeit. Until the day he arrived. 
Dragged across the scrub, laid in the stone house, I watched and listened. I saw who he was. A kindred soul that was now a debt like me. 

The Queen was playing her game and he was just a new piece on the board. His strength, his fury won't help against her cunning, and deciding to help him could be my death.

Following the story of the Broken Bows MC, the Restless Souls MC continues the battle with the vindictive wicked cartel Queen. 

Tick tock. A chiming bell.
I'm your little slice of hell. The King of cream. You made him fall. A Queen. The heart. I'll stand tall. The pieces set. The places dealt. There's nowhere left to run. I've set the board. I'…