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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


☆*¨*✶*¨✫No Mercy~A Darker Continuation ✫*¨*✶*¨`☆
☆*¨*✶*¨✫Releasing May 26th✫*¨*✶*¨`*☆

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Snippet #8 
“I trusted you son,” Abraham muttered.
“Look for a weapon, anything!” Sade wrestled the phone out of his pocket.
“I don’t understand…” Abraham looked up and searched the sky. “I thought you said I was getting a disciple? Have I not earned that?”
Sade’s heart stopped when he looked at the phone. Near zero battery.
Fists hit Sade’s window shaking the truck making Mercy shriek. “I’m not happy about this son,” he growled, heaving. “I’m very upset! Really upset!”
“Call the police, call the police,” Mercy screamed.
Sade looked at the text blaring on the screen. LEAVE!!! ABRAHAM IS COMING! HE’S CLINICALLY INSANE! Sade’s fingers trembled over the key pad, hitting 911.
“Where’s he going?” Mercy gasped. “He’s leaving, he’s going to his car. What’s he doing? Oh my God.”
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“We’re stranded at--”
“623 Fallen Ln Prairie City!” Mercy screamed. “Oh God he’s got a gun!”
“623 Fallen Lane, Prairie City! There’s a psycho with a gun.”
“You’re breaking up. Are you in town? What town are you near?”
Abraham stalked back to the truck and stopped in front aiming the shotgun at it. Sade shoved Mercy on the seat. A jolting boom rocked the fucking truck when he fired. “Shit!” Sade gasped, finally glancing up to find Abraham stalking to the rear of the vehicle. Sade ducked as the back glass exploded. “623 Fallen Lane!” he yelled into the phone, covering Mercy. “Can you fucking hear me!?”
Mercy screamed and covered her head as her window shattered next. Sade looked at the phone. God, fuck no! Dead!
Two more shots took out the windshield. Then Sade’s window blasted into the vehicle, pieces hitting them.

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