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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Colin's POV:
I don’t know how long I stand in the shower. Hot water burns my skin, evoking red splotches all over me. But I welcome the sensation, because it lets me concentrate on something other than Faith’s death. I put my palms on the wall and hang my head down under the water. I watch the water run down the drain by my feet. Someone pounds on the door again, but I ignore it. Maybe the same girl as before? Or maybe another girl. I don’t care, because the only girl that I want to see now is dead.

Natalie's POV:

opening line: 
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is such bullshit. If something is about to kill you, it will scar you for life. There is no strength coming from terrifying experiences. Maybe that saying should be more specific and read something like What seriously kicks your ass makes you stronger. Yeah, that makes more sense.

Almost Broken-up 

Well, what can I say Angela has done it again. This is the second book in the Almost Bad Boy Series. Her first book Almost Matched, leads into this book. When Colin meets Natalie, flames flare between them. At the end of the first Colin starts having panic attacks all because she tells him that she fallen in love with him. 

This book has had me on an emotional roller coaster ride. It only took me one day to read this book, that is how much I LOVE IT! And it also what I like in a author

Colin and Natalie are about to go out for the evening, just as the arrive at the club for dinner and dancing, there is a mystery guy that was getting out of the cab behind them starring at them, which creeps Natalie out. Who is this mystery guy ? Why is he following them around? Will there be danger that lurks around the corner? 

This is a must read book, but please read the first book, Almost Matched, You will understand what happens next.

Colin wraps his arm around my waist, and we walk to the bar, where three twenty-something, shirtless, attractive bartenders put on a real performance. Seriously, it should be forbidden to be as hot as these guys are. They are causing something close to a mass hysteria among the females clustered around the bar.
While two of the bartenders wait on the customers, the third one impressively juggles four shot glasses up in the air. He finally puts them down, swiftly jumps on the bar, and falls onto his knees in front of a group of tipsy, screaming girls who still look like teenagers.
He sits back on his heels and grins at the girls. His distressed jeans tightly hug his strong legs, and his muscular, naked torso and well-defined arms make me want to join the wild females. I quickly snatch a glance at Colin, but he doesn’t seem to mind me drooling. Or at least he’s smarter than showing any signs of jealousy over this. 
One of the women leans forward and tries to kiss the bartender’s washboard stomach, but he stops her, laughing. Another bartender hands him a bottle of Frangelico and a tiny glass. The guy on the counter makes a production of pouring the liquor into the glass, while slowly and seductively swinging his hips to the music. The women are going wild. By now there is a big crowd of them, trying to squeeze in closer. The bartender chooses one girl, leans forward and whispers something to her. She nods, and opens her mouth. He touches the glass to her lips and pours the Frangelico into her mouth.
Her friends cheer and demand the same treatment. They stick money behind the bartender’s jeans waistband, as if he is a stripper. Well, he acts like one. Soon he collects an impressive amount of bills. I see mostly tens and twenties. He jumps off the bar and switches places with one of his co-workers—a gorgeous African American guy with dreadlocks. The women hoot and clap in delight.

ALMOST BROKEN UP is out on Amazon and B&N! Soon to be available from iBookstore too. No Kobo, sorry. 
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